How does it work?

If you wish to purchase meals, please click on the 'Online Store' - Register by clicking 'Sign up as new user' and proceed to order the meals you desire.

Orders must be placed before Wednesday at 6PM, for collection/delivery on the following Saturday. Collections are made at BCP Gym in Margate, between 9am and 11am, Saturday only. The full address can be seen when you place the order. 

There are three different types of meals available:


Weight loss - these meals are around 300 calories.


Maintenance - these are around 400-450 calories, designed to maintain a healthy weight.

Weight Gain - these are between 500 and 600 calories, which are designed for anyone looking to put on weight (muscle mass).


If you are unsure what category you should be looking to purchase, please contact us first. 

Cooking instructions for the meals are detailed on the label of each container. Allergens are also listed.

All meals are carefully and professionally prepared. Food hygiene is the most important thing when preparing for other people, which is why you can feel happy your meal has been prepared to a 5 star standard, which was given to us by Environmental health.


Please be aware that all food is produced in a environment where traces of gluten and nuts may be present.