My Journey so far...

My journey into fitness and nutrition started properly in 2014, when my anxiety was at its peak. At times it was so overwhelming that I wouldn't go out to see friends, and would much rather stay at home, I realised I had to do something different with my lifestyle in order to do my best to 'fix it'.


My first experience of anxiety was when I was 18. I was on a date with a girl I knew from school, as we started to eat, I suddenly felt really sick. I felt completely fine before this so was extremely on edge as to why this had all of a sudden come on. We eventually finished the date but it was a real struggle for me. This then continued on various occasions, when I would go out with friends and family. I didn't tell anyone at the time due to being ashamed of it. I eventually told my family about 4 or 5 years later, who all said they would never had guessed because I was so good at hiding it. I tried various forms of counselling and other methods to cope with it, but never realised the impact my nutrition and lack of fitness was playing on my mental health. It was at this point I decided to change my lifestyle.

The first picture below is from the summer of 2014. Whilst I was never really 'fat' to the average eye, I was the most out of shape I had ever been. 

I am currently close to 2 years into my fitness journey which included going to the gym very regularly, dieting clean and more importantly researching correct training techniques and diet plans according to my body composition and lifestyle. With the limited, yet seemly successful experience I have gathered so far I want to help others achieve a much better well-being and mental health mainly through their nutrition. Losing weight will ultimately improve this; a change of lifestyle and mindset is what is required to battle any issues you have with mental health.

I am still a firm believer in a 'cheat meal' and having time off the gym. The main reason for this is to ensure my mental health is as stable as possible. I would encourage everyone to enjoy their favourite ice cream, pizza or pack of sweets every now and again. Whilst this may be easier for some due to their metabolism and genetic structure it should still be a part of everyone's diet. 

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