Intro and My journey So Far

Hi everyone I am Simon and I'm 36 from Kent, my lifestyle up until this year was one that I will not go too much into but it was everything to excess drinking, smoking, eating, etc, etc.... I then found myself applying and attending the Army reserves for 3PWRR this was something I always wanted to do but due to my lifestyle always found a reason not too!

I attended my first selection process for the Army in November and was told my BMI was too high and it was not muscle mass lol it was 30 something which made me obese on the scale...this was heartbreaking but also gave me the much needed kick up the arse I needed to shape up.....cue Saul and eat clean get lean!!

Saul reached out and we started talking and I got a plan set out after a call, straight away I felt I could achieve anything and still enjoy my food, so fast forward now to today I have just finished my new routine and my god I feel so good (not exaggerating) compound large muscle groups which I have neglected previously!

I am now floating around 95kg down from 101kg in the matter of months due to the support and guidance from Saul got a few more KG to loose before my weigh in on the 31st and I know I am going to hit it if not exceed it with my plan and support!

Massive thank you and if your reading this its not a bought or generic review this is totally true and if you want to speak to me feel free, I cannot recommend getting this in your life enough if you want to feel and look great.



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