Let's Talk: Mental Health

Mental Health has become a prominent topic and a popular point of discussion over the past few years. Although the topic is still one that makes people shy away, frown or even become bemused when the thought of talking about it comes up, it is now finally a topic that is being addressed. That is key.

For someone that has continuing battles with their own Mental Health, I learnt quickly that keeping issues and thoughts bottled in my head was a big problem. Opening up to myself or someone else was a real relief of stress and anxiety and the release of that made situations a lot clearer and easier for me to deal with.

I have learnt and accept my Mental Health battles and although, I do sometimes still struggle, the fact that I feel comfortable in talking about it, that makes the whole experience that much easier. Speaking help from someone close by or a professional is neither embarrassing nor shameful, it could quite literally save yours and someone else’s life. That point cannot be stressed enough.

Speaking and opening up can really help - Photo by Rosie Fraser on Unsplash

The increase of people talking about Mental Health issues has also shone the light on particular aspects of society that do not actually help Mental Health. The rise in social media has clearly played a part in many people becoming body conscious and worried about their appearance, whereas before, it might have just been in a Hollywood movie or a fashion magazine, images of men and women that look like they have been sculpted by Aphrodite herself.

The internet and social media has rapidly increased in the past 10 years. The increase of Instagram and Snapchat has allowed people to show their perfect side and perfect their own look through filters and angles. Likes and comments have become the currency of looking good on Instagram and it is sad because it really should not be the case.

An article published by the BBC in 2017, highlighted that Instagram was actually the worst social media platform for young people. A poll of over a thousand young people was sent out and Instagram ranked among the highest for causing negative mental feelings towards the users of the picture sharing site.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Through the progress of getting fit and having a healthier lifestyle, as great as it is to have a goal and an aim to reach for, it is also important to keep your happiness at the forefront of your priorities. Whilst achieving your goals, it is easy to look at Instagram models and celebrities and think “why cannot I not look like them?” or “why is everything they have so great?” Remember, if it looks too good to be true then sometimes it is.

The image that can be portrayed on social media is an image that can be warped, modified and improved on many different scales and ways.

Discussing and talking about our thoughts is just the start. The key thing is to always remember to focus on your own mental well being. The impact and affect that social media and other outlets can have on our Mental Health can be detremental. Focus on your own happiness and your own goals.

I am no expert and I am purely speaking from my own experiences. Everyone elses experiences are completely different but by speaking out and allowing to hear from others, you may just find your own way.